Major Festivals and Events in India in February 2018

India is a land of different cultures and religions. There are many societies and ethnic groups co-existing with each other in harmony. This unique feature of ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the attraction point for many tourists to come on an exploration spree. And one thing that is ‘not to be missed’ on this excursion is the festival season. But we should highlight here that there’s no particular month when there are most number of festivals but these are spread evenly throughout the year and so each month there is some or the other festival being celebrated in some part of India. February is one month which sees an eclectic mix of festivals from across the country; let’s have a look at the major ones among them:

1. Jaisalmer Desert Festival

A three days festival, this will be held on 29th to 31st January. This year when the season is just right to host people before the beginning of scorching summer. It is a unique and amusing festival with the kind of proceedings that take place- you will be amazed to see competitions like Best Moustache competition, Turban tying and even a Mr. Desert Pageant! The backdrop of the festival is the grand Jaisalmer Fort which is perfect to give it an authentic setting.

Note : This year (2018) Jaisalmer Desert Festival will be celebrate on January.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

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2. Goa Carnival

This is a colour riot to see as Goa celebrates its annual carnival with much pomp and show (dates: 25th to 28th February). There are grand processions, dance and music performances and great food to rev up all your senses. The procession goes through the city of Panjim and other major cities to spread the message of merry making. The Goa carnival culminates with Red and Black Ball dance and crowning of King Momo (Ball takes place at Clube National in Panjim). The end of the festival marks the beginning of Lent when people abstain from consuming rich foods like meat and drinking alcohol.

Goa Viva Carnival

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3. Taj Mahotsav

As the name suggests, Taj Mahotsav is a festival that is held near the Eastern gate of Taj Mahal, Agra. The duration of the festival is ten long days where there is a splendid display of Indian culture and traditions. So popular is the festival that people from far off and shores across come to witness this festival. This year the dates of the festival are February 18th to February 27th. One reason why this time of the year is chosen for Taj Mahotsav is that the season is also ideal for touring the city as the climate is benevolently cool for sightseeing.

Taj Mahotsav Agra

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4. Khajuraho Dance Festival

In a small town in Madhya Pradesh, lie one of the most beautiful Indian architectural marvels, The Khajuraho Temples (named after the city only). Here, every February, an outstanding dance festival is hosted (dates for 2017 are February 20th to 26th) where artists from all over the country perform live with the best of their acts on Hindu Mythology, some of the prominent ones being Shiva’s Tandava, Krishna’s Raas Leela etc. Come to witness a grand presentation of Indian performing arts with Khajuraho temples standing as a beautiful backdrop befitting the occasion.

Khajuraho Dance Festival

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5. Losar Festival

Tibetan New Year, as it is called in other words, is one of the greatly celebrated festivals of India as a sizeable amount of Tibetan population resides in various parts of the country. It marks the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and some parts of Himachal Pradesh (Like Dhasa) are some areas where Losar is celebrated with great zeal and zest due to concentration of Losar celebrating population. One great attraction during the festival is the masked dance which looks awe inspiring and splendid at the same time. The date for Losar in 2017 is 27th of February.

Losar Festival Ladakh India

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6. India Art Festival

This festival aims to provide modern art fair bring the artists, art galleries, art collectors and connoisseurs at one platform. The artwork includes paintings, sculptures, drawing and installation with video and digital art by over 400 artists. It includes panel discussions and various workshops and the entry is free. This year it will be celebrated on  15th – 18th February in Mumbai.

India Art Fair

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7. Nagaur Fair

It is a mainly a livestock trading fair that takes place in Rajasthan. It is spread over 4 days and is observed annually as a ritual and this year the dates of the fair are February 1st to February 4th. You will be amazed to know that this is the second largest cattle fair in India, first largest being the Sonepur Mela and once you enter the compound it’s a grandiose scene to witness as you see several people trading their camels, horses and bullocks. But trading activity is not the only thing to look out for, there are entertainment performances by local artists, camel races, very exhilarating tug of war games.

Nagaur Fair Festival Rajasthan

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8. Sula Fest

The lovers of things all fine and good should definitely come to festival because the charm of senses pleasing music and wine put together will definitely take your breath away. This year the dates for the festival are February 3rd, 4th and 5th and these three days will be dotted with spectacular performances by artists like Nucleya, Indian Ocean, The Raghu Dixit Project, Infected Mushroom and Bloc Party. The festival is organised in a sula vineyards, near the city of Nashik, India and this year is the tenth edition of it. Secure your pass well before, the cost of which would be somewhere around Rs.5,500 for all three days.

Sula Fest

9. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

The city of dreams (Mumbai) hosts this festival and it is the country’s largest multicultural festival as according to a report in The Hindu newspaper. Entry is free of cost, therefore fest is open to everyone, also seeing many known celebrities coming in to take part in the proceedings. There are dance performances, music gigs, plays, art displays, food stalls etc to take care of visitors’ need for a complete experience. So if you’re in Mumbai during the period of February 4th to February 12th, you should not miss out on Kala Ghoda Arts at all.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival Mumbai

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10. Mahindra Blues Festival

Mahindra Blues festival sees artists from all over the world converging and performing at one place. The festival takes place in the posh suburb of Bandra, Mumbai and will see performances by artists like Blues Machine, Eric Gales, Janiva Magness and several others. Since its first edition in 2011, the festival has gained unmatched popularity and is awaited by the music lovers like anything. The pass for the festival will cost around Rs.4,000 but it will be all worth it, to go by the international fame this festival has achieved in a short period of time. (Festival dates: 11th and 12th February)

Mahindra Blues Festival Bandra

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11. Jashn-E-Rekhta

This is one of recent additions in the list of festivals going to happen in February in India (debut edition took place in 2015). Taking place in New Delhi on the dates 17th, 18th and 19th February, this festival will see celebrations about the poise and finesse of Urdu Language. There will be live discussion sessions, ghazal performances, poetry sessions with some of the most known and respected artists of the country. This festival is a perfect treat for the people who want to know more about Urdu or have already fallen in love with the soulful language. The venue for the festival is Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts and prior registration is required but there is no entry fees.

Jashn-E-Rekhta, New Delhi

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12. Deccan Festival

The tourism board conducts this festival in Hyderabad to boost tourism in the region. The date for this year’s Deccan Festival is 25th February and the festival aims to showcase the beautiful art, culture and culinary delights of the Deccan as it does every year. Some performances which line up the festival to turn it into a hearty treat are qawwalis, ghazals, poetry etc. But the pleasures won’t stop here as you can also indulge in some shopping as there are handicrafts, jewellery and many things from the Deccan on display.

Deccan Festival Hyderabad

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