Some Indian Destinations For Unique Christmas This Year

Everything about India is unique starting from its diverse natural resources to culture. The same goes with Christmas too. Are you looking for a destination to enjoy some unusual and unique Christmas celebration?

Here are a few Indian destinations to hit for unique Christmas this year.

1. Kerala

If you are looking for a devotional celebration, there are a lot of Indian and European styled churches with wonderful architectural touch. Apart from this, you can enjoy a mind-blowing backwater ride on Christmas Eve to watch the whole city covered in lights and celebrations in Kerala. With winter on the calendar, the backwaters and mountains would be the best places to enjoy a family picnic during Christmas. Top spots to hit are Pulimkunnu backwaters on a country boat, Parambikulam on an early morning and Nelliyampathy hills.

Christmas Celebration in Kerala

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2. Goa

Can you beat Christmas in Goa? You can find a lot of different types of people celebrating Christmas in their own style. You can find carols, exhibitions, spree and other celebrations. Santa would be found in almost all streets. The top activity is a ride through the streets of Goa during Christmas Eve to watch the lights and other decorations. There would a lot of hotels which serve traditional Christmas fest in Goa style. Beaches would be free for you to enjoy a family beach Christmas if you wish to do something unique. Liquor and booze would be flowing through the street here.

Christmas Goa Tours

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3. Bangalore

This is the place where you can find a lot of age old churches and many traditional services. You can attend many ceremonies to enjoy Christmas in India style. There are many old (can be tagged as ancient too) bakeries to enjoy traditional plum cake made with rum. The top spots to hit in Bangalore are Commercial Street, Johnson Market and Cox Town. Almost all the malls and other entertainment centre would have an ice house where you can enjoy snow if you miss it badly in India.


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4. Kolkata

If you are visiting Kolkata during Christmas, you ought to enjoy the festival celebration, music festival and food festival that happen in Park Street. There are a lot of spots where you can find grand celebration in open arena. Starting from huge Christmas tree to enormous number of Santa Claus, you can find almost every element here. This is the spot to hit if you are planning to spend Christmas with food and food and only food. You can also find the unique banana Christmas tree here. Unlike many western countries, snowfall is bare minimum here and you cannot find a lot of pine trees. Thus, people sometimes decorate banana tree.

Christmas Celebration at Kolkata

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5. Daman and Diu

This is the place for those who want a beach filled Christmas. Colourful lamps and psalms would be filled in every inch of this place. This is the place for enjoy some Portuguese styled Christmas. The famous element of this place is the music. You can find a lot of musical performances during this time of the year.


6. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is considered to be a little France in India. If you happen to visit this place during Christmas, you ought to enjoy tent stay. According to Bible, Jesus was born in a small hatched tent or shelter where goats were kept. To honor thy God, people make small hatched tents and spend the night there like camping. You can find baked rice cake and wine in almost all churches. There would be a lot of celebration performances here and there in this city. If you are looking for a traditional Christmas, there are a lot of churches like The Church of Our Lady, Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and many others.

Christmas Celebration

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No matter which state or city you are planning to visit, you ought to take a few delicacies that Indians make during Christmas. It is not just pudding and wine here. You can find Guava cheese, Kulkuls, coconut barfi, cheeslings, nankaties and many others.

Ho Ho Ho Ho to you!!!!!

Celebrate Christmas in India according to your interest :


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