Where to Go In India in July

The month of July heralds the end of scorching summer and the beginning of blissful monsoons in India. All the country reverberates with the beautiful sound of falling raindrops from heavenly skies. It is this time when most of the hill stations and other places look edenic. They look rejuvenated and refreshed when the showers wash all the dirt away.

At some places where there are sprawling tea estates like if we talk about Munnar- diamond like dew drops sitting on tea leaves at dawn look extremely resplendent. This view becomes more mesmerizing under the sunlight. In India, we just don’t stop at this as there is a lot more to explore in the month of July. Following are some destinations to throng if you are planning to have a vacation in India in the month of July:

  1. Shillong:

    Rated by many as the topmost July holiday destination, Shillong is one city where monsoon season can be enjoyed at its best. It is situated in Meghalaya and that’s why this city receives a fair share of rainfall that whole India gets. Its hills and peaks look splendid when they are washed away by the might rains descending onto the earth. And when rain stops, it is the mist that forms a kind of serene white blanket over hill peaks. Pristine waterfalls are another attractions to look out for apart from hills.shillong



  1. Munnar:

    This hill station located in the state of Kerala is a popular honeymoon destination as romance flows through the air. However, during monsoons this place becomes even more paradisiacal and romantic. Choose a hotel room where your balcony can look over the expansive tea gardens. Believe us, the view will be simply breath taking. You also can go for a short walking tour in the tea garden. Apart from this, Munnar is also famous for its green carpeted hills that become even more wonderful to look at during rainy season. Also read Top Ten Hill Stations of Kerala

Tea plantations. Munnar, Kerala, India

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  1. Kodaikanal:

    Imagine yourself being drenched in light drizzle as you go on a quiet cruise over a beautiful lake. Such is the scene in Kodaikanal which is a yet another hill station in South India. This place receives pretty much good rainfall. So this is one place to enjoy the month of July at its fullest. As distant views of hills, lakes and greenery give the impression of artfully painted landscape scene, the rains in addition to all this brings life to it.



  1. Dalhousie:

    This is a hill station in Shimla where many people go to seek solace in the quiet and calm atmosphere. The town transports people to a whole new world altogether. Receiving mild rainfall, the pleasant beauty place can’t be described in words. One has to visit here to get the feel of it. Many Bollywood movies including Lootera- a very recent one have been shot in Dalhousie. Along with sightseeing, you can add some adventure sports in your list if rain seems to be benevolent enough.


  1. Coorg:

    Situated in Karnataka, this is yet another scenic hill station which receives a decent number of tourists due to its natural beauty. Flowers and greenery gracing the hills with vibrant colours make you go ga-ga over this place especially when rainfall adds to this much required freshness with sweet smell of mud. Strolling around in the valleys is the best thing to do if you plan to go to Coorg in the month of July.


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  1. Kumarakom:

    Unparalleled prettiness of Kerala backwaters is what we can look out for in Kumarakom. Famous for its palm fringed beaches, also sometimes ornamented with white lilies, the place looks no less than a paradise in the month of July as rain comes and pumps in youthful looks into the whole landscape. Also some other attractions not to be missed during monsoons are Kumarakom bird sanctuary and Vembanad Lake. Must see  Top 5 Places to see on Kumarakom Tour  in  kumarakom one day trip.


  1. Mahabaleshwar:

    Mahabaleshwar is a hill station that is situated very close to Mumbai. People occasionally come to have a short vacation in Mahabaleshwar due to its proximity to Mumbai. All around the year, this destination is ideal for a trip but July is the best time to visit here. This is because on the advent of monsoons, true idyllic pleasure of this place can be received and best things to do during your tour would be unwinding yourself, engaging in recreational activities and sightseeing. See top weekend destination near of Mumbai


  1. Udaipur:

    Rightly called as the Venice of East, Udaipur dons a romantic look during the month of July when rains drench the Indian subcontinent. It truly becomes a photographer’s delight to capture the best of shots during monsoons. The lakes and cruises over these lakes are the best things to do during the trip. Unforgettable memories will be the major takeaway from Udaipur.


Udaipur visit in july


  1. Khandala:

    Khandala is a small hill station situated around 80-85 kms from Mumbai. There is a beautiful blend of scenic beauty and tranquillity at Khandala which attracts a lot of guests particularly in monsoon season. Light drizzle covers the hills in a blanket and makes them pure as never before. Tiger’s eye is a famous sightseeing destination which offers breath taking views of vicinal valley. Explore here most popular day tour packages of Mumbai from our popular Mumbai Tour section.



  1. Goa:

    Last but not at all the least, Goa is the place where you can have unlimited fun. Several beaches which are the main attractions here become more resplendent during a downpour. Raindrops falling on the water bodies make a pleasing sound that can be enjoyed with your beloved. A stroll along the beaches soaking yourself in the heavenly waters will be very refreshing for mind, body and soul.

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