Top 5 India Most Luxurious Train

Travelling across the beautiful plains, enjoying the landscape and picturesque beauty, through Luxury Trains give immense pleasure and royal feeling. Luxury Trains in India have majestic interiors, absolute luxury with modern amenities to cater to the needs of tourists, boarding the trains. The regal trains cover the exotic destinations, providing 5-star hospitality. These trains resemble the rich culture of Indian region. Know more about them to get your tour booked:

1. Maharajas’ Express

The Maharajas’ Express gives you the experience of Indian heritage with five star facilities.It is specially designed keeping in mind Royal luxury and comfort.It is regarded as the top most luxurious mode of travel, as it bagged “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” award in 2012 and 2103. It is the most expensive train of Asia.

Maharaha Express9

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It covers the major attractions of Golden Triangle that includes ‘Delhi-Agra-Jaipur’. If you have a die to hard desire of luxury tour, do board on this train to get your royal fantasies fulfilled.

2. Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels is a regal train specially designed for the Kings and warriors of the Nizam of Hyderabad, Gujarat, the Rajputana and the British Viceroy. It has 14 coaches, saloons, exquisite interiors, the traditionally cladded staff on the train are most hospitable. A personal attendant is provided to each coach for the convenience of the traveler. It is the first luxury train that promotes Rajasthan tourism.

palace-on-wheelsSuggested Itinerary : 7 Nights 8 Days on Palace on Wheels

3. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is exquisitely designed for a rich cultural tour of Rajasthan. The interiors are adorned in the style of Royal Palaces of Rajasthan. The train consists of two restaurant coaches, souvenir coach sport and a spa coach that gives the royal feeling as well.

The remarkable Swarn Mahal coach ornamented in gold & brass and adorned with crystaldraperies along with splendid floor lamps, the Sheesh Mahal coach captivates the tourists. It is considered as an ideal choice for a memorable heritage tour experience.

Royal Rajasthan - superdelux1

Suggested Itinerary : 7 Nights 8 Days Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

4. Deccan Odyssey

The Deccan Odyssey has captivating indigo regal coaches ornamented with golden Marathi motifs. It has 21 coaches out of which 10 are reserved for luxurious purposes, which include a health spa, a bar, conference cart and a restaurant on board.

Deccan Odyssey has made traversing through a luxury train easier, as the journey is planned focusing on the tour theme. The coaches of this royal train are named after the regions of Maharashtra. If you are planning to explore central and south India, it is considered as an excellent choice.

deccan-oddyssey-luxury-trainsSuggested Itinerary : 4 to 8 Days Deccan Odessey Train Packages

5. Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot with its violet and gold exterior looks attractive. It derived its name from the chariot sculpture of the ruins of Hampi. Beautifully adorned with mesmerizing South Indian architecture draws the attention of the tourists.

‘Madira’, the lounge bar resembles the decor of Mysore palaces. The other coaches reflect the architecture of Mysore and Hoysala making the walls and ceilings attractive. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to its guests. A tour on Golden Chariot is a treat for the senses. So, you can opt for the Golden Chariot to have an overwhelming experience of South Indian Heritage.

Golden Chariot Luxurious train

Suggested Itinerary : Golden Chariot Train Luxury Tour

These luxury trains on Indian regions will give an ultimate touring experience of Indian culture and heritage. Board on any of these trains to quench your thirst of feeling aristocracy and comfort on the go!

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