Happiest Way to Experience Rajasthan

Rajasthan has always remained on the forefront of Indian tourism. Long stretches of desert, unperturbed starry nights, vibrant people, traditional cuisines, all this makes the state of Rajasthan the most visited place in the Indian context.

In fact, Rajasthan of today depicts the royalty as lived by its Maharajas once. Every speck of Rajasthan speaks in volumes as far as this luxurious royalty is concerned. You go anywhere and you find something or the other in every aspect calling for that luxurious royal setting.

rajasthan tent camp

Let’s ponder on the happiest way to experience the state of Rajasthan. It is indeed the art of camping out there in the middle of its vicinities.  It is this aspect of Rajasthan that attracts every kind of traveler from every nook and corner.

Especially the luxury camps of Rajasthan attract the most of the crowd. Revered by celebrities, honeymooners and nature lovers, they are eco-sensitive making them safe for all. The material used to make them is always local thus assigning them the most authentic look.

As we know that life in tent was practiced since the 15th century, there is always a kind of special fascination pertaining to camping. Away from daily hustle bustle, it is always good to enjoy the wilderness and the scrambling over steep dunes is something that renders unbridled peace and harmony.

rajasthan luxury camp

Highest standards of hospitality coupled with beautiful attired women and that too amidst the barren landscapes make things just amazing. You can always enjoy the local singers, dancers, and tandoori snacks make the time inimitable and unforgettable.

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