Do Not Miss!! These Best Places to Visit in November in India

November marks the beginning of winter season in India. The climate would not be very cold and the rainy season would have just ended. Thus, the places with water attractions would be at its prime beauty like hill station.

And, hill stations would look like a fairytale and this month marks the beginning of many cultural festivals. Here are the top seven places that you ought to visit in November.

1. Varanasi, Religious places

varanasi-diwaliIt is a religious place that is known for many cultural activities. This oldest inhabited place in the world becomes a paradise in November with the celebration Diwali. This is the festival of lights. The river Ganges would look enchanting during this celebration with fireworks decorating the sky at night. You ought to visit the banks of the river very early in the morning to witness some important rituals and mesmerizing nature.


2. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Sand-Dunes-JaisalmerJaisalmer is a desert. Think what would happen to desert in winter. You ought to take cool desert safari. You can find a lot of architectural marvels and other desert related activities only in winter. November is the right place to enjoy a colourful desert. Jaisalmer becomes a majestic place in November and you ought to visit to get a unique styled vacation.


3. Shanti Niketan, Kolkata

shantiniketan-kolkataThis is a very small place near Kolkata. There are a lot of museum, gallery and many other attractions. This place is not much of any importance in other months. But in winter, this place becomes a wonderful paradise. Most importantly, the nature in this place becomes million times more beautiful. The whole place would look like a winter hill station.


4. Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Bharatpur-bird-watchingBharatpur is an important place in Rajasthan for migration birds. November is the month for bird watching here. Hundreds of bird watchers visit this place every day in November for watching birds. A lot of birds from Central Asia like Pelicans, Flycatchers, Geese, Wagtail and many other exotic birds visit this place. You can find a lot of water birds and land birds. You can find countless of migration birds in November in this place.


5. Sundarbans, West Bengal

SundarbansYou would be familiar with this place for its mangrove forest and exotic wildlife. In November, this place becomes very pleasing and has a rich wildlife and flora. Those who want a nature filled vacation should visit this place and take a boating through those mangrove trees. During other months, visiting this mangrove forest would either be difficult or not appealing. But, November is the right time to visit this small little tropical fairytale place.


6. Amristar, Golden temple

Guru Purab festivalAmristar is a year-round attraction. In November, Guru Purab festival is celebrated. The golden temple of Amristar is an eye-catching attraction by itself. This festival would add more aesthetic value to this place. You can find a lot of exhibitions, fairs and other activities around the temple during November.

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7. Mumbai, Formerly known as Bombay

Mumbai-WorliThe beaches in this place would be at its prime beauty during November. Rainy season would have bought a lot of rains filling the water bodies to full. Thus, by November, the beach related activities would be at its prime beauty of Mumbai. You can enjoy a lot of water related activities and sightseeing in this month.


These places are not just the only November attractions in the country. Pushkar, Ooty, Darjeeling, Andaman and many other places would be at its prime beauty throughout the year. If there is a water related activity in a city, you ought to visit that place in November.

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