Best Way to See Mt Everest Nepal Without Climbing

Mt. Everest is the tallest peak in the world and many people consider reaching the peak as glory of life time. But, this does not mean that only those who can climb to the peak can enjoy it. There are many other ways to enjoy the peak and get the experience of a mighty natural wonder.

Everest flight tour

This is a method used by my travellers. You can book flight tickets to see Mt Everest from very close quarters. You can enjoy many other peaks too.  You can find this tour in our Nepal tour packages gallery. This is a one-hour flight trip that would take you over many peaks of Himalayas including Mt Everest. You would be able to see the mountain very close while you are on air at an altitude of about 6500 meters. Usually the flights would start at Kathmandu domestic airport and the flights would be equipped with all safety equipments like EFIS, weather radar, avionics instruments and many others.

By this method you can enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains and peaks while you are comfortable and safe on the airline seat. This experience is for those who want to get the real gist of the mountains through aerial view.mountain-flight-in-nepal

Though this is the best way to have a splendour experience, this is the most costly option of watching Mt Everest without climbing it. There are a lot of other ways to watch the peak.

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Visit Shigatse Valley

Shigatse Valley is on the foot of the Mt Everest. You can see the summit up and also many other attractions like hot natural springs, ruins and natural scenic places. This valley is considered as the gateway to Mount Everest. This valley can be reached through Qinghai Tibet railways. If you are planning to take up road, China national highways 318 and 219 would lead you to this valley. There are a lot of monasteries, picturesque mountains, ruins and other attractions here along with watching Mt Everest from close quarters.

Rongbuk monastery

Rongbuk monastery is located in Basum town, Dingri County. From this monastery you can get a clear view of the white capped Mount Everest. The monastery is an attraction by itself. It has many hermitage meditation caves, stone walls with inscription, ruins and many others. For those who want to take pictures of them with Everest background, this is the right place. There is no proper transportation to this monastery. You need to trek 48 miles which is not an easy task. Though it is very much easier than trekking to the mount Everest, it is not an easy task. You can watch the stunning view of the peak, have a stay in the monastery, enjoy the treasures inside it and you can head back on the next day.

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If you want to still go nearer to the peak, you need to trek for another 6 miles from the monastery. You would end up at the base camp which is the last spot for those who are not planning on climbing the peak. It is about 17,000 feet above the sea level and those who have altitude sickness and other problems are advised to stop at Rongbuk monastery.

Climbing Everest is an achievement of lifetime. In the same manner, watching it from close quarters is an experience and memory of lifetime.

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