5th International Buddhist Conclave – India Welcoming Buddhist Tourists

The tourism and culture minister of India, Dr. Mahesh Sharma has informed press and public that he is in the process of creating a better Buddhist circuit to connect all Buddhist pilgrim sites for the sake of Buddhist tourists in India.



Dr. Mahesh Sharma spoke to press and delegates at the fifth international Buddhist conclave. During the inaugural address, Dr. Sharma talked about modern day problems in Buddhism and ways to overcome those. He said that there are progress to improve infrastructure and other facilities in major Buddhist pilgrim spots.

In his speech, he mentioned that the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi has provided high priority for Buddhism. He has provided high investments for Buddhist tourism circuit. Buddhist tourism circuit consist of numerous tourism based projects that are undertaken by the government of India. These initiatives aim that increasing tourist arrival and also providing better comforts to the tourists by combining many sectors and region. It is a part of Swadesh Darshan project.

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The Buddhist conclave was a large event that was conducted in Delhi. It was attended by vice minister of tourism and sports department of Thailand, Chavanee Tongroach, UNWTO executive director, Marcio Favilla and many others. Many delegates provided their insights about the procedure too. Delegates from 39 countries participated in this event.

India has many Buddhist spots starting from Sarnath to Sanchi. The pilgrim spots are scattered across the country. You can find traces of ancient Buddhism culture and growth in many areas of India starting from monasteries that are still functioning to ancient stupa and ruins.

These pilgrim spots are connected by a few tourist operators as of now. But, there are no high level service elements or tourism attractions near these pilgrim spots that would provide entertainment and comfort to the tourists. As Dr. Sharma promised, this Buddhist tourism circuit would provide a good route for Buddhist pilgrims. Every year, millions of people around the world tour to India for pilgrimage which includes all important Buddhist destinations in India and Nepal. This is India’s initiative to make those tourists feel more welcomed in our country.

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