22 Interesting Things To Do In India Before You Die

You might have got caught up in your routine life that you almost stop doing unique and interesting things. Today, vacation has also become a routine in people’s life. Choosing a destination, visiting some tourist attractions and coming back is not a vacation. You need to do something interesting and unique that it would stay in your minds for long. Here are the top 22 things that you need to do in India before you die.

India Travel Tips

  1. A bike ride on the highest motorable mountain passes in Ladakh during a cool summer morning would make you a hero. You can also catch up with Indian army at army canteen.
  2. White water rafting on River Ganges in Rishikesh is a lifetime experience. If you are up for some thrilling activities, you ought to make this as number one.
  3. Spend a night camping near Pangong Lake and watch the lake change colour over time. If you are lucky, you would get a camping spot very near the lake.
  4. Visit India Gate at night to enjoy the monument with lights.
  5. If you love beaches, you ought to visit Pondicherry and spend a whole day in beaches; walking with bare foot and enjoying sun.
  6. Ride houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala on a winter morning. This is the most beautiful thing that you can do in India.
  7. Dive into the warm blue lagoons in Andaman on a cold winter morning. This is something that would be more fulfilling than scuba diving or other activities.
  8. Visit Khajuraho temples to enjoy the exotic statues in 9th century temples and enjoy the dance festival that takes place once a year.
  9. Kumbha Mela is a religious gathering that happens once in every 12 years in India. During this festival, millions of people gather at a single area such that the mass can be seen from space too. You ought to visit this gathering.
  10. You ought to make a one week stay at Osho Ashram which is located in Pune. This ashram would teach you to find your inner peace.
  11. Enjoy any entertainment based festival in Goa. No matter which one you choose, make sure you have nightlife attraction in it. It would be the night that you would remember the rest of your life.
  12. Trek to the top of Raja Mountain in Munnar to find Kurunji flower, a flower that blooms only once every 12 years. You can also find certain exotic animals on the peak of the mountain.
  13. If you love romance, you ought to have a cool dinner on the sand dunes on a cold winter night.
  14. Zorbing on the slopes of Manali is a heavenly experience. No matter how old you are, you would love this experience.
  15. Visit the base of Everest peak. There are a lot of monasteries out there to explore and enjoy.
  16. Visit the bull fight festival that happens in Madurai and other areas of Tamil Nadu during second day of Pongal, Jan 16th. This is a festival where a bull with prize money on its hunk is made to run over a field and young people try to tame it by fighting it.
  17. On the Pongal day, in Madhya Pradesh, you can check out the kite festival. It would be almost similar to the one in Japan. It is a wonderful sight to your eyes. You can also learn to make kites here.
  18. Visit the tricolored sea. The southern tip of India is located in Kanyakumari. This is the place where you can find an ocean with three different coloured water. The colour of the water is due to the depth.
  19. Have a glass boat ride over Adam’s bridge which is submerged under the water in 14th century. People in India consider that this bridge was built by God with the help of monkeys to reach Sri Lanka.
  20. Watch the local Olympics of India that happens in Punjab. The sports festival happens in Feb and many activities like cart race, rope pulling and others are organized.
  21. Visit India during Holi. It is a colourful festival where people throw coloured water on each other. People deliberately wear white clothes on Holi here.
  22. Visit Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi to visit thousands of people marching towards the sea to drown their Ganesh statue. Thousands of statues would be dissolved in the river or sea with exciting rituals.

There are a lot of other interesting things that you can do in India like visiting Taj Mahal, the lake that was formed by meteor crash in India, temple where the god is a bike and so on. India is an interesting land and you ought to do something to make your vacation interesting.

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